Cleansing program

A set of diagnostic procedures aimed at detoxifying the body. In the process of treatment there is cleansing of toxins, increasing immunity, weight loss, rejuvenation and improving well-being. The program is based on a unique technique that restarts the toxin elimination system and renews the body.



Course duration: from 3 to 10 days.

Recommended frequency: 1 time per year and more.


- Overweight 

- Hypodynamia

- Chronic diseases

- Skin diseases

- Allergic diseases

- Infertility

- Tobacco addiction

- Unbalanced diet, excessive addiction to meat and fatty foods

- Systematic eating of food products of industrial production, including canned food and fast food, as well as vegetables, fruits, grains and their derivatives grown industrially

- Systematic medication

- Systematic contact with consumer goods in plastic packaging, as well as with any plastic products and artificial leather

- Systematic contact with building and fuel materials