Langendorf is waiting for you

Langendorf always remembers about our guests


Langendorf always remembers about you Without breaking the self-isolation, we invite you to relax in Langendorf!   In the castle estate you can rent a bath house or a grill tent, stay in a secluded room while Langendorf restaurant will organize food and drink delivery.





Staying in the Estate has additional advantages during current situation:

✔ distance from the city

✔ closed, large territory with a unique landscape

✔ Pregolya river and yacht marina

✔ the ability to work remotely (there is Wi-Fi)

✔ continuous cleaning with special disinfectants

✔ quartzing of rooms and air disinfection with a medical irradiator and a recirculator

Langendorf always remembers about our guests!    

For more information ☎ + 7 (911) 459-04-88