Bath house

Prussian aristocrats knew that in order to feel well, it is necessary to follow three principles: observe harmony of mind and body, purify thoughts and replenish energy. The best way to enjoy privacy was the bath house. Especially for our guests on the territory of Langendorf castle estate in the old building a bath house with a steam room on wood was created. On the ground floor there are: a dressing room, a relaxation area with sunbeds and showers. The lounge area has a fireplace, a bar and unique handmade wooden furniture with Gothic elements. On the second floor of the bath house rooms for body care are located.


The main highlight of the decoration of the entire house are the age-old original wooden beams which create a unique cosiness and atmosphere.

Bath house services

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BATH HOUSE RENT (up to 6 people)

For non-accommodated guests

2 hours

4000 rubles


For accommodated guests

2 hours

3000 rubles

(bathrobes, slippers, towels are included)


Extra guest - 350 rubles / 1 hour




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30 minutes

1500 rubles