Spa treatments and procedures

The territory of the castle estate Langendorf is seamlessly divided into various recreational zones. For those guests who are looking for opportunities to rejuvenate, refresh and regain their mental and physical strength we offer a wellness complex. It is designed to improve many aspects of your health with the help of our professional spa staff that will make you feel better physically and emotionally.
If you have been enjoying the fresh air of the Langendorf estate away from the city’s hustle and bustle, you are invited to enter a sanctuary of relaxation, a blissful world where your body will receive not only relaxation, but augmentation of its natural beauty as a step towards harmony.
The professional spa staff of Langendorf is trained to provide state-of-the-art procedures, including various modalities of massage and progressive beauty treatments performed by our therapists with the use of modern technology. They will make you look and feel simply blissful!
The spa complex consists of two floors that feature:
1. A gym, furnished with all modern and essential equipment.
2. Nine treatment rooms equipped for massage, facial and full body treatments with the use of comfortable massage tables, NEOQI SPA capsule, pressure therapy XILIA DIGITAL PRESS, XILIA LIPO INFRALIGHT - infrared, electrolipolytic, and electro remodeling machine, magnetic therapy equipment and Niagara hydrotherapy tub.
3. 20 meter long swimming pool with relaxation area.
4. Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ lounges furnished with complimentary robes and towels.

Stop the time and allow it to work only for you at the Langendorf castle estate!