Wedding receptions

Have you ever dreamed about a unique celebration in an unconventional location off the beaten path? Do you want to surprise your guests with a distinctive historic setting and exquisite cuisine? In this case, we definitely have something you’ve been looking for! Now you can have your own event away from the worn out facilities in a busy city. It will be an unforgettable celebration at the Langendorf castle estate!

Authentic view and interiors of the family estate belonging to an ancient aristocratic Perbandt family and a massive park area on the banks of the picturesque river Pregol will make you believe that you have jumped back in time.

Since the castle estate was reconstructed based on the old blueprints and photographs each thoughtful detail will help your celebration to become truly memorable and unique.

A lavish banquet hall with seating capacity for 50 adults features a décor complete in light pastel colors. The refined classical look of the interior will make every guest appreciate your sophisticated taste. The beauty of each detail in the décor of the banquet hall produces a sense of splendor and refinement.

Of course, at the core of the reception there will be delightful dishes created by our own chef. Each dish will be made of the freshest and highest quality ingredients and will please each guest with a superior taste. All recipes are developed by one of the best chefs in the region who has a reputation of being a true inventor in his field.

There are other reasons why Langendorf is definitely considered to be the best place for having a wedding ceremony. Our specialists are experienced in creating a very special festive atmosphere for the most romantic event in your life. Certainly, there will be flower arrangements, candles and light flowing materials. All will come together in a tastefully decorated area on the bank of the river. There will be no cheap and unnecessary details. Everything will complement the natural views of the beautiful surroundings. You should only imagine your future picture portfolio! And, the best part is that we will completely take care of all of the numerous organizational details and arrangements. All you have to do is enjoy your illustrious event, and receive abundant compliments!

Let this event be a delightful gift to you and all your guests! Come to Langendorf, and we promise – this day will forever remain in your heart.