The Restaurant

The lavish space with elegant light-colored walls and panoramic windows, stylized light fixtures in a shape of ancient candelabras – all elements can put a spell on imagination at the first sight. The space looks traditional and contemporary at the same time, just like the menu that is skillfully created for your enjoyment. Our signature menu combines European, Russian and Middle Eastern cuisines, offering dishes that can satisfy even the most demanding food connoisseurs with their aromas and flavors. The restaurant can accommodate up to 45 guests with tables positioned with ample space from each other to make each guest feel most comfortable.
In addition, you won’t be able to ignore the comfort of the leather armchairs, neat colonnade and beautiful marble floors that permeate the space with noble sensation. It is the place to have a relaxing meal with the whole family, drink an aromatic morning coffee with freshly baked croissants, or finish a day with a glass of select wine. You can experience the restaurant as a romantic escape in a candle light, or a bright and festive wedding hall.
The space above the main restaurant offers a refined game room with a large table for Russian Billiards, a Karaoke lounge and a children’s playroom.