Banquets and other events

Some days in our life stand out more than others simply because they need to be celebrated and remembered. It may be a special birthday celebration, a family occasion, a wedding anniversary or a corporate event. Would they be as special without a comprehensive planning and preparation? Would it be nice to let others do the tedious work while enjoying your special celebration with your family, friends or colleagues?
Langendorf castle estate is an ideal place for such occasions as it can meet even the most challenging demands for organizing those special events. Our resourceful staff will be happy to create a program individually tailored to your request. They will carefully consider the type of the event, number of guests and initial budget.
Langendorf features the following venues for conducting special events:
• Banquet hall with seating capacity for up to 50 guests. The interior is classic, with a light pastel finishing, comfortable tables and plush chairs.
• Business Event hall with sitting capacity for 50 to 80 persons, featuring high ceilings. The interior is finished in Marsala color with inclusions of red brick.
• An open plaza of the summer café with seating capacity for 50 to 80 guests. The summer café was built using wall remnants of an ancient stable. Old wooden beams and clay tiles were skillfully integrated into the interior elements during the construction. The café is equipped with a commercial-size grill, a tandoor and an oven.
• Karaoke hall with professional music equipment and sitting capacity for 10 to 15 persons. (It can be perfect for a smaller group of friends).
• Fireplace hall inside the Bath House – may serve as an ideal spot for a less formal gathering of friends, as it has room for up to 12 people only.