Summer Café

Can you imagine a cozy evening at a resort without a fireplace and live music? What about the wine tasting, logical games with a charming lead, shelves loaded with interesting books for all tastes? This is what we call an ideal family vacation or time with friends.
Both, spring and summer are special seasons. Days are growing longer, and all nature is awakened. It is filled with fresh colors, sounds and smells. Enjoying such days will create wonderful memories that will always bring up the feelings of joy and warmth later.
Langendorf is located away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. An amusing summer café was built right in the middle of the estate, in its very heart. If you visit the café in the evening while skies are clear you will behold a breathtaking sight of the sunset on the shore of the ancient pond, which will make you feel surrounded by absolute tranquility and history. The interior of the café is also rather unusual. It is surrounded by the wall remnants of the ancient stable. The only detail we added was the roof which naturally blended in and created a feeling of airiness. All you will want to do is to complete the experience with some delicacies prepared by our skillful chef right here on the grill. Believe us – you will not forget this day!
Each one of us is a master of his or her own day and disposition. Each minute of our life is truly a precious gift. That’s why it is so important to slow down and take a breath of the fresh air and feel your own moments of joy and happiness.