The source of strength in Langendorf

Close your eyes and imagine a place, full of ancient history and a unique atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. There you are sitting with the cup of a fragrant tea after a day of body transfiguring treatments in the middle of the oldest estate on the banks of the river Pregol. You are surrounded by a beautiful park that during any time of the year charms with its natural magnificence. It has been enjoyed by many generations of people. Each breath of fresh air you take is filled with positive energy, and gives a rejuvenating sense of life. The close intermingling with nature calms and allows both body and soul to relax. It may be equally enjoyable and beneficial to come here alone or with the whole family to spend a few days and have an unforgettable time of rest that will give you some revitalizing strength and an abundance of delightful emotions.
We do everything in order to achieve a harmonic combination of history and natural beauty of Langendorf with comfort of our guests. We believe that delicious and nutritious meals must complement all physical activities that you enjoy at the gym, swimming pool, bicycle trail and other venues designed for workout purposes.
Our “Bath House” offers delightful health rituals with profound heat and steam treatments combined with massage. All body treatments are provided using the most sophisticated and modern equipment, including hydrotherapy tubs, Vichy showers and magnetic therapy devices and will help you to rejuvenate your body and help you relax after stressful work or hard physical activity. Carefully designed procedures will provide an equally regenerating, therapeutic and calming effect.
When you reach the end of your stay at Langendorf you will have a pleasant awareness of your mental activity being feed from negative emotions and full of a positive potential.
We believe that each guest who visits our facility has unique taste and demands, which we are ready to meet with the most delicate care.