Fligel – one of the wings of the main hotel in the estate of “Langendorf”.
Two floors of this building offer the lavish and most comfortable rooms either in a “Standard” or “Junior Suite” configuration. By entering the rooms you will immediately understand that you are in a classic “castle” surroundings where the antiquity and contemporary design are fused together in an elegant union. You will be greeted by our hospitable staff members who will offer you a brief tour of the “Langendorf” estate while telling you about the amazing history of this magical place, which is full of historical legends and even ancient mysteries.
After getting familiar with the grounds, when the evening comes, you will be able to enjoy the main hall with a refined fireplace, where every guest is encouraged to choose what their soul desires. Whether it is a glass of wine, enjoyable music, an exciting game or simply a book, we will make sure that you and your counterparts will have a fantastic time enjoying yourselves or each other’s company.
A Conference room and an auxiliary room for business negotiations equipped with projectors and other conveniences for business needs are adjacent to the Fireplace hall. Should you have any need in conducting business while you are visiting us we will be more than happy to assist you with the organization of any event whether small or large, and make sure your business partners and guests are utterly impressed.