The Bath House

In order to be full of energy and feel good we all need to follow three important principles: a) keep our mind and body in harmony, b) purify thoughts, and c) replenish energy. For those purposes we converted one of the old buildings of the estate into a real Bath House which features a natural wood heated Sauna. A pleasant heat will fill you up from head to toes! Even after a single visit to the Bath House you will feel that your body has gained lightness and your emotions have calmed.
The changing area of the Bath House is located on the first floor. There are also a relaxation lounge with chaise lounges and shower stalls. The Sauna is large enough for 8 people. The relaxation lounge features a fire place, unique hand-made Gothic-style wooden furniture and a bar. The focal point of the Bath House building are the exposed wooden beams, which are a part of the original age old building and create an atmosphere of coziness and uniqueness.
You will find multiple treatment rooms located on the second floor. They are used for massage, skincare and body treatments. Isn’t that an ideal setting for the lovers of spa services?
The Bath House may be reserved at the rate of 3,000 per hour (for 2 hours minimum)
For hotel guests there is a 50% discount on Bath House reservations.
We also offer a membership allowing a guest to visit the Bath House multiple times at a discounted rate. You can prepay for 4 visits each month in advance, which guarantees a rate of 1,500 rubles per hour (with each visit being 2 hour minimum).