Outdoor activities


A busy and stressful city life: office, traffic jams, meetings, negotiations… Do you need a break? Would you like to get away from it all to gain new experiences and excitement? Has it been long time since you took a bike ride, boat ride, or flew a plane? You are guaranteed a jolt to your senses! Flight club named “Guardeyskiy” is located only 25 minutes away by bike. You will ride on the river bank through a fairy-tale-like pine grove. Langendorf marina will give you a pass to have fun sailing down the river or the nearby lakes, including fishing, rowing or just enjoying a ride. The territory of Langendorf estate is well equipped with things that will help you to do any sporting activity and spend time the way you like it. Maybe you like running, kicking a ball, and hitting the goal? You are welcome to bring a team of players to play a game of soccer, volleyball, or badminton surrounded by the ancient ramparts of the Prussian fortifications and century-old trees. Don’t forget to warm-up prior to your game at the open sporting plaza. The littlest guests can enjoy a safe and engaging playground with various slides and other gear that will definitely captivate their attention. They will be asking to spend more time there and may even become good rock climbers. There is a real plane that was set up as a part of the playground for children. The plane is ready to take on board many little guests. There are rollerblades, skateboards and even a small electric ATV just waiting to be used by the younger visitors. All you have to do is just let us know what your body and soul desire for your outdoor activities.