Karaoke and Billiards

From the ancient time people noticed that sounds possess certain healing powers. But, even simple singing helps us to get into a better mood and de-stress. 

As we want our guests to have a fantastic time at the Langendorf estate, we believe that one of the most important tasks for us is to keep them in a cheerful mood.
This is the reason why we offer everyone to visit our Karaoke lounge, which is equipped with professional musical system and designed to let you submerge into the world of singing and music.
It is also worth noting that you might want to be surrounded by your companions while visiting the Karaoke lounge. They surely would be up to the task of evaluating your best vocal abilities and even dancing talents. There are 5 separate tables surrounded by comfy sofas in the Karaoke lounge. Drinks, various snacks and hot dishes can be a perfect supplement to a fun evening, and can be ordered directly from the Langendorf main restaurant.
Should you desire to play a game of billiards – you have found the right place! Spacious billiard room with a large Russian billiards table is provided in order to forget about other things for a while, and think only about driving those balls into the wholes, just like all the masters of the Russian billiards do.